Decarbonize now. Activate your supply chain to deploy real solutions.

Implement a facility-level roadmap that cascades throughout your
supply chain to meet your scope 3 targets

How it works

Implement your supply chain decarbonization roadmap in 3 easy steps.

Everything you need to activate your suppliers from facility-level baselines to feasibility assessments and contracting support

Create a day 1 decarb roadmap

Step 1

Configure your supply chain to receive a baseline and a set of cost-effective decarb initiatives

Optimize your decarb roadmap

Step 2

Optimize your plan with facility-level data and 500+ additional initiatives from our Climate Technology Library

Deploy solutions with your supplier partners

Step 3

Collaborate with your suppliers and organization to deploy solutions based on project feasibility and economics

The decarbonization copilot for industrial value chains

Understand the 10K+ facilities in your supply chain

Engage your suppliers on the 10 most important reduction efforts

Build a bankable roadmap with associated project economics

Mobilize your organization through implementation

”Beauty of terralytiq is you can bring real strategic decision making that allows you to act vs. high level estimates”

Chief Sustainability Officer

Auto OEM

The decarbonization strategy tool for consultants

Establish a single source of truth for your decarb IP

Create a fully customizable decarbonization roadmap for your clients on day one

Develop actionable business cases with clear cost impact, investment needs, and carbon impact


Access over 500+ decarbonization levers from our Climate Technology Library


Decrease your consultant research and modeling times by 90%

Terralytiq has great capabilities to model the cost of decarbonization by sector and customize it by geography and over time. This is a tremendous asset to move from ambition to having a bankable and budgeted delivery plan.

Our mission

Terralytiq is on a mission to reduce one billion tons of CO2 emissions from industrial supply chains by 2030


How can supply chain decarbonization be this easy?

What do I need to get started?

You can get started with whatever data you already have (e.g., bill of materials, supplier LCAs, or simply knowing where your suppliers are located). Our platform will create a custom baseline based on available data and fill in the gaps so you have a complete understanding of your emissions footprint on day one. Over time, you can update the platform with additional primary data directly from your suppliers to improve the accuracy.

How much of my roadmap can I customize?

You can customize 100% of your plan including the steps in your production process as well as all techno-economic data such as energy consumption, efficiency, and CAPEX/OPEX.

What are the data sources for your models?

We use a variety of credible data sources including public data from governments and utilities (e.g., United States Energy Information Agency), private reports from leading institutions (e.g., BloombergNEF, International Energy Agency), as well as research institution partnerships (e.g., Duke University). All data sources throughout our platform are transparent to enable an audit-ready data trail.

How often will I need to update my decarbonization plan?

We recommend updating your roadmap regularly to capture the latest technology forecasts and price data to ensure your business plan is on track.

Decarbonizing your supply chain is only going to get more expensive if you wait

Less effort than an LCA

Day 1 roadmap

Trustworthy and trackable data sources