Accelerate Your Sustainability Career

Join a team of climate optimists and watch your work result in real emissions reductions.

We lead with our values

Our values-based cultures ensures every day at terralytiq is energizing


Clear, open, and respectful communication

Meeting Norms

As many meetings as necessary, as few as possible

Only colleagues invited that are absolutely necessary

Workload & Accountability

Clear responsibilities and regular check-ins

4-eye-principle for deliverables

Feedback & Collaboration

Immediate strength-based feedback

Regular structured personal development sessions

Resolving Conflicts

Zero-tolerance towards bullying or harassment

Respectful and open collaboration with acceptance of each other’s styles and boundaries

Time Management

Time-box activities and deliverables

Communicate early if deadlines can’t be met

Time and space for creativity and new ideas

Personal Boundaries

Flexible working times and hybrid (remote / in-person) work possible

No micro-management (!)

Join The Team

Explore career opportunities to solve the climate change challenge with Terralytiq

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The Application And Selection Process

We are committed to a fair and transparent process

Submission Of Your Application

Submit your application to with

  • Role you are applying for

  • Which location you prefer

  • Full-time / part-time preference

  • Cover letter

  • Resume in tabular form

Initial Screening Interview

We will get in touch within 14 days for an initial screening interview if you have been selected to advance to the next stage

Case Studies & Interviews

In this stage you will be invited to 2-3 60-minute interviews that will include technical interviews, case studies, and a discussion of your experiences


Candidates who have successfully made it through all rounds will receive a personalized offer based on their experience, preferences, and location

Decarbonizing your supply chain is only going to get more expensive if you wait

Less effort than an LCA

Day 1 roadmap

Trustworthy and trackable data sources