Terralytiq is on a mission to facilitate one billion tons of CO2 emissions from industrial supply chains by 2030


At Terralytiq, we recognize that at the heart of the complex supply chain decarb challenge lies a human problem. Just as the previous 20 years was about digital transformation, the next 20 years will be about decarb transformation. Terralytiq is designed to be the indispensable co-pilot as sustainability leaders navigate the complexity of the transition.

Our platform goes beyond traditional measurement and analytics to provide a holistic and actionable suite of tools tailored for these complexities. Terralytiq empowers sustainability leaders to not only set ambitious targets but to achieve them, offering a solution that is as dynamic and multifaceted as the challenges they face. In doing so, we're not just facilitating the transition to a sustainable future — we're leading it, one value chain at a time.

business cases

Terralytiq's business cases contain costs and emissions impact at a facility level

Supply chain
decarbonization models

Our models cover the 55+ most common materials including such as aluminum, polyethylene, and glass


Meet The Terralytiq Team

We are a global team of decarbonization experts, software developers, and industry practitioners

Dr. Alexander Pfeiffer

Co-Founder & CEO

Will Glazener

Co-Founder & COO

Aly Hudson

Lead Engineer

Robbie Greenberg

Head of Business Development

Nitin Shetty

Head of Customer Success

Thibault Suty

Team Lead, CTL

Sanidhya Surendra Bagde

Climate Tech Analyst

Zach Sternberg

UI / UX Design Lead

Marty Grady

Climate Tech Analyst

Rakhi Sheth

Senior Frontend Developer

Paulina Rajski

Social Media Intern

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Our commitment to diversity

A diverse team fosters creativity, develops better solutions, and makes work more enjoyable


Gender diversity




Languages spoken

Our Advisory Board

We are advised by world leading panel of decarbonization, industry, and SaaS experts

Professor Cameron Hepburn
Academic Expert
Fernanda Weiden
CTO Advisor
Herbert Sablotny
Business Advisor
Ralf Pfitzer
Corporate Decarbonization Advisor

We partner with the world’s leading academic and private sector organizations in the sustainability field

A Note On Our Own Carbon Footprint

We are fully committed to carbon neutrality right from the start. We strive to avoid emissions wherever possible, and we take every opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint. As a new tech start-up we have not yet had a chance to calculate it but as we grow, we will report our carbon footprint regularly and continue to prioritize sustainability in all our decisions

Decarbonizing your supply chain is only going to get more expensive if you wait

Less effort than an LCA

Day 1 roadmap

Trustworthy and trackable data sources