Terralytiq GSLI Partnership

The University of Texas and Terralytiq join forces to accelerate sustainability careers

Terralytiq And The University Of Texas At Austin Join Forces To Accelerate Sustainability Careers

The global economy has seen a significant surge in demand for sustainability careers as it transitions towards net-zero emissions. Additionally, the urgency of the transition creates high expectations on early-tenure professionals to rapidly deliver impact in this field. As graduates enter the sustainability job market, those with practical, hands-on experience are best positioned to mobilize organizations to decarbonize.

In response to this imperative, Terralytiq has expanded its decarbonization Fellowship program in collaboration with the Global Sustainability Leadership Institute (GSLI) at the University of Texas at Austin. This collaboration will create invaluable opportunities for juniors and seniors involved in GSLI or pursuing a sustainability-related degree at the University to gain early-access, applied experience in decarbonizing the economy.

“We are thrilled to expand our Fellowship program with UT Austin as we establish Austin as a global hub for climate tech”, says Will Glazener, Co-founder and COO of Terralytiq. “Together we will provide students with real-world experience and cutting-edge curriculum as they directly apply their knowledge to decarbonizing enterprises across several sectors of the economy.”

This partnership between the University of Texas at Austin and Terralytiq represents a crucial step forward in bringing innovative solutions to market. By combining academic rigor with practical experience, this collaboration will pave the way for a new generation of sustainability professionals prepared to create positive change in the world


The Global Sustainability Leadership Institute at UT Austin is a renowned institution developing leadership and solutions that address critical sustainability challenges and shape an inclusive, regenerative global economy and society.

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