Terralytiq And X!LEAD Announce Partnership

Terralytiq And X!LEAD Announce Partnership

Terralytiq and X!LEAD establish decarbonization fellowship to bring fresh perspectives and expertise to the decarbonization industry

Terralytiq, a decarbonization SaaS start-up that helps companies reduce their carbon footprint, is proud to establish its decarbonization fellowship with anchor partner X!LEAD, a University of Delft program that connects graduates with meaningful careers. This fellowship provides a unique opportunity for the next generation of business leaders to gain hands-on sustainability experience and skills, while also enhancing Terralytiq’s decarbonization platform with the latest expert perspectives on climate technologies.

Starting March 2023, Terralytiq will welcome a select group of X!LEAD trainees into its inaugural decarbonization fellowship. During this time, the fellows will put their knowledge and creativity into action through real-world projects that contribute to building the net-zero global economy.

“At Terralytiq, we believe that diversity in thought, experience, and education is key to advancing the fight against climate change,” said Alexander Pfeiffer, CEO of Terralytiq. “We are thrilled to partner with X!LEAD and bring some of the brightest and most talented graduates into our fellowship. Their fresh perspectives and in-depth knowledge of climate tech will help us innovate faster and provide stronger solutions to the challenges our customers face.”

As part of the program, fellows will receive industry-leading coaching and skills development for sustainability professionals from Terralytiq’s experienced team, gaining the tools and knowledge to succeed in the sustainability sector.

“Our partnership with Terralytiq is an exciting opportunity for our graduates to gain hands-on experience working in a dynamic start-up,” said Marlies Verschoor, Program Manager at X!LEAD. “The trainees will not only have the chance to work on meaningful projects and learn from experienced experts, but they will also have the opportunity to explore their career options and find their niche in the sustainability sector.”

Terralytiq and X!LEAD share a common vision of enabling young talent to thrive in their careers while creating a more sustainable future. Through this partnership Terralytiq and X!LEAD will expand the pipeline of talented professionals who are passionate about making a difference and working towards a more sustainable future.


X!LEAD is a program from the University of Delft that provides training, mentorship, and job opportunities to recent graduates looking for meaningful and impactful careers. With a focus on sustainability and technology, X!LEAD helps young professionals to reach their full potential and make a difference in the world.

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