Terralytiq Welcomes Fernanda Weiden As Senior Advisor

Terralytiq Welcomes Fernanda Weiden As Senior Advisor

Terralytiq Welcomes Fernanda Weiden As Senior Advisor

Terralytiq, the pioneering B2B SaaS start-up focused on decarbonization, is pleased to announce that Fernanda Weiden has joined as a Senior Advisor. With her impressive background in technology leadership and vast experience in production engineering, site reliability engineering, and systems engineering, Fernanda will significantly contribute to Terralytiq’s mission of driving sustainable practices and reducing carbon emissions for SMEs.

Fernanda currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer at VTEX, a renowned B2B SaaS company. Her expertise spans various prestigious organizations, including her tenure at Facebook, where she led the Production Engineering organization responsible for the scalability, reliability, performance, and efficiency of globally recognized platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Machine Learning. Fernanda’s exceptional leadership skills also extended to overseeing security-related efforts within Production Engineering.

With her vast industry knowledge and experience, Fernanda will provide invaluable guidance to Terralytiq’s leadership team and contribute to the development of innovative solutions that empower SMEs in their decarbonization journey.

“We are delighted to welcome Fernanda Weiden as a Senior Advisor at Terralytiq,” said Dr. Alexander Pfeiffer, CEO at Terralytiq. “Fernanda’s expertise and industry acumen will be instrumental in shaping our decarbonization platform and driving our efforts to help SMEs embrace sustainability. With Fernanda on board, we are well-positioned to make a lasting impact and contribute to a greener future.”

Terralytiq’s cutting-edge platform equips SMEs with the necessary tools and insights to measure and reduce their carbon emissions effectively. Fernanda’s addition to the team will further strengthen Terralytiq’s position as a leader in the industry and accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices among businesses.

“I am thrilled to join Terralytiq as a Senior Advisor and contribute to their mission of decarbonization,” said Fernanda Weiden. “Terralytiq’s innovative approach and commitment to sustainability align perfectly with my own values, and I look forward to collaborating with the team to drive meaningful change in reducing carbon emissions.”

With Fernanda Weiden as a Senior Advisor, Terralytiq is poised to build an industry-leading platform and revolutionize the way SMEs approach decarbonization, foster sustainability, and shape a greener future.


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