Terralytiq welcomes Nitin Shetty as Head of Customer Success

Terralytiq welcomes Nitin Shetty as Head of Customer Success

Terralytiq is pleased to announce the appointment of Nitin Shetty as Head of Customer Success.

Terralytiq, the leading decarbonization platform, is delighted to welcome Nitin Shetty as the new Head of Customer Success. With Nitin joining the team, Terralytiq is further establishing its presence in the United Kingdom and reinforcing its commitment to supporting businesses in their decarbonization goals.

Nitin brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his new role at Terralytiq. Holding a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, Nitin has amassed over 8 years of experience at McKinsey and Company, where he most recently served as an Engagement Manager and Solution Leader with McKinsey’s Sustainability Practice. Throughout his career, Nitin has led numerous successful projects focusing on product and supply chain decarbonization, showcasing his profound knowledge in sustainability, product development, and big-data analytics.

As Head of Customer Success at Terralytiq, Nitin will play a pivotal role in ensuring that customers maximize the impact of Terralytiq’s solutions. With his expertise, strategic guidance, and deep understanding of the challenges businesses face in their decarbonization journeys, Nitin will work closely with customers to deliver tailored solutions that align with their unique goals.

“We are thrilled to have Nitin join our leadership team as Head of Customer Success,” said Dr. Alexander Pfeiffer, CEO at Terralytiq. “His extensive experience in sustainability and his track record of driving impactful projects will be invaluable in helping our customers achieve their decarbonization goals.”

Together, Nitin and the Terralytiq team will continue to accelerate the company’s mission to empower businesses to turn their decarbonization ambitions into tangible actions. By leveraging innovative solutions and strategic insights, Terralytiq is dedicated to supporting businesses in making a positive environmental impact while driving sustainable growth.

“I am excited to be joining such an innovative team, and one that shares the same values as myself when it comes to achieving industry-wide decarbonization,” said Nitin Shetty, newly appointed Head of Customer Success at Terralytiq.

Terralytiq remains committed to decarbonizing industries and achieving a net zero industry. With Nitin joining the team, we can continue to ensure customers reach their decarbonization goals.


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